Minutes of the 2009 Midwinter General Meeting
March 19, 2009 St Petersburg Yacht Club Ballroom

Call to Order
President Brian Hayes called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

Roll Call of Fleets
Minutes of the Last Meeting
Jim Carson made a motion to dismiss with reading of the minutes of the last meeting, Dr Peter seconded.  Motion approved with unanimous consent.

Report of Officers

President Brian Hayes
President Hayes expressed his appreciation to Steve Davis for his 6 years of service to the ILCA as an Executive Secretary  Treasurer and then as President.
He announced that the Yearbook will have a new form of distribution, and that volunteers Philip Lange, Alister Thomson & Melissa Pulver were working hard to have it ready for shipment this spring.  The new website was created because the old software is no longer supported by Microsoft.  He hopes that everyone has seen the new site and enjoys the new features and functionality of it.  The Lightning has been selected to participate in the 2011 Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.  This is critical for the health of the Class in South America and a great honor.  He expressed his gratitude to the membership for their giving him the opportunity to serve as President of the ILCA.

Treasurer John Faus
Treasurer John Faus reported that we are in good financial standing right now.  He expressed his thanks to those who came before us and established our funds, for making this possible.  In an effort to contain costs during these difficult times, the decision has been made to distribute the Yearbook via CD and to make the printed version available for purchase for $20.  The savings we will realize will help offset the decrease in royalties the Class will receive this year and in the future.  He encouraged all present to return to their fleets and let everyone know the importance of paying individual and fleet dues to support the ongoing strength of the ILCA.  He noted that we have been very conservative in the 2009 Budget, just approved by the Governing Board.  Royalties will be way down and the Class Office is vigilant about minimizing all operating expenses.

Chief Measurer Bill Clausen
Measurer Bill Clausen announced that the Landing School in Maine is currently building 4 Lightnings, that people are buying older boats and refurbishing them.  He asked for help with Measurement at upcoming North American Championships and thanked the 4 new volunteers on his committee.  At Newport, RI he was asked by the Race Committee if all Lightnings had adequate tow lines, he assured them that they did, this proved not to be the case.  Ryan Ruhlman has offered to head a committee to research the options to the current proposal with respect to tow lines and will be present his findings no later than the next meetings at the North American Championship. He has asked that an article about how to tow safely be written for the Flashes.  The committee will also address the question of whether it makes sense to have a tow line double as an anchor line.  President Hayes asked for a motion to table the proposal for further review. A motion made by Peter Menninger, seconded by Nick Farina, voted upon and was approved to table while more data was obtained.

Secretary Robert Ruhlman
Secretary Ruhlman reports that our membership numbers are down, not by a lot, but still this is a major concern.  He noted that Crew memberships are disproportionately low, and asked Skippers to please give your crew their Crew Membership as a way to thank them.  At the Governing Board meeting the Governing Board approved the reactivation of two fleets and the charters of two new fleets.

Vice President’s and Committee Reports
President Hayes announced that the 2010 Youth World Championship will be held in Salinas, Ecuador.  We need help with obtaining sponsors, to help with transportation expenses, in order to maximize participation.  The 2009 North American Championship will be held at Sodus Bay YC, New York.  The 2010 event will be hosted by Toms River YC and Metedeconk YC in New Jersey.  2011 will be hosted by North Cape Yacht Club and the official announcement will me made once the WJM details are finalized.

VP Southern Circuit Amy Smith Linton
Amy Smith Linton reported that despite the current economic situation we have experienced less of a fall off in participation that anticipated.  This year we have 6 countries participating in the Southern Circuit event!  This will be her last year serving as event Chair, it’s been a lot of fun and she looks forward to her “retirement.”  She announced that signups for the Circuit awards are in the breezeway at the Sailing Center and encouraged people to fill out ballots for the Fisher Sportsmanship award.

VP Boat Grant Program Allan Terhune
Selections for this year’s program have been made and will soon be announced.  5 Grants will be made, two of which will be made to women.  The program is in need of covers and practice sails, please contact a committee member if you have donations to make.  Thank you to all who make cash donations to support the Boat Grant Program!  The program requires a lot of volunteer effort, if you are interested in getting involved please let Allan or Debbie Probst know.
President Hayes reported on behalf of Todd Wake that 3 Lightning Labs have been scheduled for this spring/summer, please contact Todd if you would like to have one in your fleet, this is a great fleet building opportunity.  President Hayes reminded the group that we are a fortunate Class to have 2 builders, we need to support them through the next couple of years to keep them in business.

Motion to adjourn by David Starck, second by Karen Park.