Minutes of the 2010 Midwinter Governing Board Meeting
March 18, 2010 – St Petersburg Yacht Club-

Call to Order
The Governing Board Meeting was called to order by President Brian Hayes at 9:07am 

Roll Call by Secretary Robert Ruhlman.  In Attendance:  Rob Ruhlman, Brian Hayes, Bill Clausen, George Koch, Bill Faude, Debbie Probst, Ian Edwards, Amy Smith Linton, John Faus.

Reading of the Minutes
Amy Smith Linton made a motion to dispense with reading of the minutes, seconded by George Koch, and unanimously approved.

Reports of Officers

President’s Report - Brian Hayes
President Hayes there have not been any large problems, his job has been easy.  Bill Faude commented that perhaps the lack of attendance at this meeting is a sign that people feel like things are going smoothly with the Class. 

Treasurers Report – John Faus
Treasurer John Faus reported that the change made to distributing the yearbook via CD format helped keep our costs down in 2009 and made last year’s financials work. The budget is very conservative for 2010. 

Chief Measurers report – Bill Clausen
Chief Measurer Clausen reported that he had a great year with Measurement, Sodus Bay had 23 volunteers that Bill taught the Measurement process.  Measurement was fast, no wait.  At the Worlds, they were great also, very organized, no waiting or lines.  Volunteers were outstanding at both events.  In January he held a Measurement Training weekend in Buffalo New York at the Allen Boat Company.  It was an all day 8hr session, measuring a boat, with one more session the new team and each individual will be capable of certifying boats.  Bill reported that we have our new scale and he will be using it here, for those who wish to weigh their boats.
Bill Faude complimented Bill in getting the training session organized.  It wasn’t long ago that the Class was concerned that we would not have trained measurers.

Secretaries report.  – Rob Ruhlman
Rob Ruhlman reported on the 2010 membership to date.

Vice Presidents and Committee Reports
President Brian Hayes commented that maybe we should consider raising the cost of the printed flashes.  VP Southern Circuit Laura Jeffers did a great job getting members this regatta.  Ian Edwards commented that perhaps we should start next year’s membership in Nov, Dec.  Class Secretary Jan Davis reported on the problems she had with the migration of our website to new servers, the subsequent need to find a new webhost and the down time for the online membership payment process.  This forced the implementation of the 2010 Membership drive until early March.

VP ISAF David Sprague, submitted a written report.  President Brian Hayes thanked him for his report and commented that David does a great job representing the ILCA with ISAF.  Brian reports that David has requested the Class submit a number of proposals to ISAF.  The ILCA submitted a proposal regarding the composition of the ISAF Board of Directors. 

2010 World Youth Championships John Atkins submitted a written report.  Currently committed are 3 teams each from US & CA.  Finland, Italy, Greece are interested, but money is the issue.  It is key to have participation from as many countries as possible.  It would be wonderful if we could set up an Airline miles donation program.   Bill Faude inquired can our funds help with these transportation costs.  Reply from Brian Hayes, the problem is that the expense is significant and it recurs every two years.  We have new faces here this year, perhaps someone could get involved and help come up with a solution.  Rob Ruhlman offered to check with his people to see how to organize using miles.  Perhaps Matt Fisher would have some suggestions.   Bill Faude suggested that perhaps funding the Youth Worlds, could be a international program akin to the Boat Grant Program.  President Brian Hayes raised the idea that perhaps we could do a 50-50 Saturday night to seed a fund for airlines.  Ian Edward raised the point that this would also help raise the profile of supporting European teams. Amy Smith Linton suggested another area that might need our support is Chile.  John Faus said that we need to talk with Victor and Tito to see what the situation is in Chile, and at what point they will be concerned with Lightning sailing again.  Bill Faude offered to work on the 50-50 Saturday night.  Brian Hayes will ask Bob Birkenstock for raffle tickets.

John Faus talked to Victor Lobos in Chile and reports that all the boats are ok.  The Club in Vina del Mar is ok, many boats washed away.  The city of Concepcion was basically destroyed.

Brian Hayes reports that Laura Jeffers VP Southern Circuit has done a great job.  Brian is very pleased with how it’s gone this year.  Brian reports on behalf of Todd Johnson VP North American Championships that Toms River Yacht Club has room for ~100 boats.  It will be expensive this year, the cost of housing will be high at the New Jersey shore.  WJM will be good, Jody Lutz and his team are on top of things for that event.  He expects a good turnout of Women’s and Juniors’ teams.  30 Volunteers are already in line for Measurement.   Tom’s River is a great place to sail.  They will have lots of social events included in the Entry.  2011 North Cape, they always do a nice job.  2012, nothing is locked in now.  Southern Yacht Club will be putting in a bid.  Southwest Circuit has been very successful.  For 2012 in would be great to hold the NAs in the Southeast or Southern District.
Brian further reports that James Taylor VP US Pan Am Trails, has done a great job dealing with US SAILING.  It has been extremely difficult getting this organized.  Qualification slots will likely be, 2 from a Pacific Coast event, top 3, top 4, rest from NAs.  Sheboygan, Rush Creek, Davis Island have submitted bids to host the trials.  The Trials will be held early to mid October.  James has asked the Executive Committee to review the proposals.  Davis Island has conditions more like Puerto Vallarta; Dallas would be a good thing for the Lightning fleet.  The EC has not made up its mind.  All would do a great job.

VP Boat Grant Debbie Probst reports that we sold a boat and purchased a 1 yr old boat in an effort to keep the equipment used in the Boat Grant Program top quality.  Currently we have an Allan for sale. Perhaps it’s been bought.  So the Class will own one boat.  Allan Boat Company and Nickels Boat Works have each generously donated a boat for this year.  Three teams have been selected by the evaluation Committee, one from Chicago, one from Annapolis, and one from North Cape.  Karen Park as offered her boat to a team that applied. Brian Hayes stated that he is pleased that we have scaled it back to a smaller number.  The grants more precious if there are fewer of them.  Debbie reports that she and Bill spoke to each and every team and many who did not receive a grant boat this year are talking about borrowing boats and participating in the Lightning racing in other ways.

John Faus reports that he was very conservative in putting together the 2010 budget, the budgeted membership numbers will be tight due to the problems with the website.  .  Jan said that there will be expenses as a result of the ISP problems, Sherryls time is not something that we anticipated or budgeted for.  Jan and John reiterated to the group that Membership is key this year. 

Charters ratified or revoked

Secretary Rob Ruhlman announced that we have an application for a new Fleet in Sydney Australia, Fleet 519, it has 6 registered Skipper Members.  Brian Hayes moved to ratify this charter.  John Faus seconded.

Ratifications of Executive Committee Rulings

President Brian Hayes reports that the Executive Committee as set the NA Ratio at 1:4, we want good participation from the New Jersey District.  He reports that the Executive Committee wanted to set the ratio so that people will have confidence to go ahead and book their accommodations.

Unfinished Business

Safety line- The new Specification is for 50’ 3/8 Nylon or Dacron line, the item will be voted at the General Meeting this evening.  Bill Faude inquired why the limited types of line.  Bill Clausen replied the cost is the reason, and line that gives, that is the key.  Bill Clausen reports that Jim Carson did a lot of the research on the appropriate kinds of line for towing.  Brian Hayes told the group that the change has the support of the Class and the Executive Committee.
New Business

In addition to the safety line there are two other proposed changes to the constitution that are on the table right now.  President Brian Hayes shared that he wished he had brought the proposals to the Governing Board prior to calling for the vote.  The first one deals with the creation of VP of Latin America, VP Europe.  President Hayes feels that changing the Constitution is not required; the President is empowered to appoint VPs at any point.  President Hayes would like to table the vote.  Ian Edwards suggested that process is important and if the vote has been called for it might be preferable to have someone other than the Executive Committee present the issue with this proposed Constitutional change at the General Meeting.  Ian Edwards offered to play this role.  He is in favor of these positions but agrees that locking them in via the Constitution may not be necessary.

The second proposed change to the Constitution deals with holding the Annual Meeting at the World Championship every other year.  Ian Edwards reports that the feelings are passionate internationally in support of this.  The timing of the election of officers is the problem for Brian.  Election of officers could take place in the NAs.  Worlds dates can vary anywhere from June- November.  Ian Edwards reported that at the special meeting, in Vermont, only the international people showed up, because the meeting has taken place in August at the NAs.  John Faus expressed his support that the meeting issue is very important internationally.  This is a great idea, and the group agrees that further work needs to be done on the election logistics.  Bill Faude as who wrote this proposal, President Hayes report that it was Bill Mauk.  Ian Edwards stated that Bill was reflecting the mood of the meeting.  Bill Faude asked, how should this play.  People need to understand that the Class, the Annual Meeting, should be at the Worlds.  The special meeting will be held in the third quarter, to elect the officers.  Ian would be willing to support the intent that the mechanics of the proposal fine tuned.  Bill Faude reminded the groupn some people feel the constitution can be changed.  He asks what is the objection to changing the Constitution. 

Ian Edwards suggested that between this meeting and the meeting in Buzio that we discuss both of these issues with the non North American Districts leadership  He feels that the appropriate time to hold a vote on these issues is in Buzio.  Bill Faude, past ILCA President reminds the group that how many VPs we have has been a subject of discussion over the decades.  Brian reported that at one point every country had a VP, the VP positions evolved into more task related.  Brian expressed his appreciation for the input of the Governing Board.  Ian will speak this evening and report at the General Meeting that the Governing Board recommends that the vote on the new Vice Presidential positions should take place at the Worlds, where a thorough discussion can be had. 

Bill Faude feels it’s good to have someone other than the President speak on behalf of the Governing Board and expressed his thanks to Ian Edwards for the role he has offered to play.

Ian Edwards reports that the European Championship will be held in Nigeria this summer, they have a limited number of boats beyond what the Europeans will be using but he says that they can accommodate a couple of representatives from North America if anyone would like to participate. 

President Brian Hayes raised the issue of how to redefine our Areas, Nigeria, Australia need to be included in our documents.  Rob Ruhlman offered to think about it and have something ready for a vote at the August meetings.
A general discussion among the group took place about the International Fleet Development Initiative; an additional $10,000 request will be made to the ILCA Fund Board from the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee sees the program as having been very successful.  The ILCA fund provides $2,500 per container, 2 of the 4 boats sold overseas must produce a new boat built.  Debbie Probst commented that most of the boats that have gone overseas are used.  The goal of the program is now weighted to get these boats overseas, as opposed to support of the builders.  Amy Smith Linton stated that we have lots more good quality used boats in the US available to go overseas.  Ian Edwards feels the higher the used boat price, the more likely people are to buy a new one, so reducing the US supply helps the builders.  4 containers have gone under the initial funding approved by the ILCA Fund Board. 
George Koch raised the point that in the tow line proposal the wording should read minimum size.  It is “shall” in the current proposal.  He suggests that we Amend it in August to read “minimum diameter.” 


John Faus made a  motion to adjourn this meeting of the Governing Board.  Seconded by Ian Edwards.  

President Brian Hayes expressed his  thanks to all who attended for their support and contributions to the discussions.

Written Reports Submitted:

James Taylor – US Pan Am Trials Report

Getting the Pan Am Trials set up this time around has been a long drawn out process.  The Farah Hall incident from the last Olympic Trials is affecting the makeup of this US Pan Am Trials.  US Sailing is working on new prescriptions for the makeup of the protest committee’s for all trials events in order to appease the Courts around the current ongoing Legal Cases.  The new requirements for the makeup of the Protest committee are not finalized at this point which is putting delays into the process.  The Lightning class has gone all the way to the President of US Sailing to get help on overcoming these issues.  As you are probably well aware, the St. Pete Midwinter’s will not be a part of the 2010 trails qualification like it has in the past, the delays todate have made this impossible.

At the current time we have been directed to require a “Class A” athlete be on the Protest Committee for all US trials events.  Other Requirements

  1. there must be at least 20% participation in the committee by these athletes
  2. Ideally it is a Sailor who is not a Certified Judge
  3.  It cannot be a competitor in the event.

The “Class A” athlete requirement has caused allot of discussion amongst the people involved.  It is pretty difficult to find “Class A” athletes – they must meet the following requirement.

3.3.1 A LEVEL Sailor Athletes shall have: Represented the United States at the World Championships of an Olympic, Pan American or Paralympic class within the previous ten years and finished in the top half; or, Represented the United States at an Olympic, Pan American or Paralympic Games in the last ten years.


With this requirement we are currently proposing the following events to qualify for the actual Trials.  Disclaimer – These events are not approved by US Sailing so cannot be considered to be Trials qualification events at this time.

Lightning Class Qualification:

Top 2 eligible finishers from the 2010 Pacific Coast Championships, June 5-6 2010, Vancouver Lake, Oregon.

Top 3 eligible finishers, not already qualified, from the Great
Lakes Championship, July 10-11 2010, North Cape ,Michigan.

Top 4 eligible finishers, not already qualified, from the
Atlantic Coast Championship, July 24-25 2010, Virginia

Eligible finishers by rank, not already qualified, from the
North American Championship August 8-12 2010, Toms river Yacht Club, New Jersey , until all 20 slots are filled.

For the actual trials we currently have 3 proposals to host the event.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Rush Creek Yacht Club, Texas
Davis Island Yacht Club, Florida

We had a forth proposal from Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, California which has been dropped due to the “Class A” requirement.  The proposals received from these clubs are being reviewed now and a selection will be made soon on the Trials location in the fall of 2010.

I have been trying to get this all set up since August of 2009.  As you can see we have made allot of progress but still have a long way to go.  If you have some specific questions please email me at james.p.taylor@ge.com.

Respectfully submitted 3/17/2010
James P. Taylor 

2010 Youth World Championship
March 2010 Report

The 2010 Lightning Youth World Championship is scheduled for July 23-26, 2010 at the Salinas Yacht Club in Salinas, Ecuador.  Hosting the Championship will be Lightning Fleets 405 and 447.   The dates have changed from the original scheduled dates, due to a conflict with the ISAF Youth World Championships.   Organization of the 2010 Youth Worlds is well in hand and Paco and the rest of the Organizing Committee have been busy with the arrangements.  We have started a Q&A page on the ILCA website as well as adding information on hotels (for adults).   As of now, 3 teams from both the USA and Canada are planning on attending.  We have commitments from Brazil, Colombia and Chile (prior to the earthquake) to send at least one team each as well as teams from Ecuador.  There has been interest expressed from Finland, Italy and Greece but in all cases the cost of airfare is restricted any firm commitments. The cost of sending teams, whether it be from Europe to the Americas or from South America to either Europe or North America, has been an issue since I have been VP.  If anyone has the time and expertise to look into ways of subsidizing travel expenses for youth teams and would like to volunteer to take this on please come forward. 

Respectively Submitted,
John Atkins

MARCH 15, 2010

As both my portfolios probably do not affect many Lightning Skippers directly I will not go on at great length however as these areas do affect the long term vitality of the Lightning I will try and give you an overview on current topics.   If any one has any questions please feel free to call me at any time at +1 416 399 8989 (email sprague@madvice.com ) and I will be glad to discuss in more depth.

The will be held in Mexico in October 2011 and the Lightning will be there as an Open 3 person boat. (i.e. crew can be any mix of Male and Female or just one sex).  The qualifications for countries are posted on the Pan Am site and on the ILCA site.  A similar system for 2007 was used.  There will be 7 spots available.
It really helps the class that we are at the games as it helps the Lightning sailors in the South American countries get recognition and sometime support from their governments.
The future for the Games to be held in 2015 in Toronto, Canada is still up in the air but I am comfortable the Lightning will be there but it may be for fleet racing or match racing or both.

Governance of the ISAF is under discussion and I, through the Class, have proposed a method of electing a smaller Board of Directors for ISAF on the basis of regional voting that is along the lines that the is used currently to determine the Board.  Currently the Board of Directors (Council) has 38 members from around the World.  The ISAF Executive is trying to shrink the Board to be just themselves (8 people).  I feel that this is a mistake and that if we are to shrink the ISAF Board that it should be representative and accountable to, the various sailors and Classes from around the world.  The outcome of these discussions should be seen this year or possibly 2012 when the ISAF has scheduled a complete review of governance for all the sport.

During the past year I have attended the Pan American Sailing Federation meeting in Mexico, the ISAF Annual meeting in Korea and the Mid Year meeting in Poland where I have tried to make sure the Lightning interests are defended and espoused.  Again if anyone has any questions or concerns please contact me.