Minutes of the 2008 Midwinter General Meeting
March 13th – St Petersburg Yacht Club Ballroom

Call to Order
President Davis called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.

Roll Call of Fleets

Secretary Hayes called the roll.  Fleets in attendance:

1, 3,6, 12, 34, 36, 42, 50, 54, 62, 71, 75, 77, 102, 109, 145, 150, 151,215,  226, 253, 274, 301, 303, 329, 335, 442, 488, 502, 510, 511, 530

Minutes of the Last  Meeting
Motion was made to dismiss with reading of the minutes of the last meeting, Motion was seconded and approved.

Reports of Officers

President Steve Davis
President Davis reported that the Class Office is running well at this time, a new website is under construction.

He noted that the ILCA has been the recipient of many awards this past year and has had great visibility in sailing publications.  US Sailing awarded its One Design Leadership Award to Bill Fastiggi and Allan Terhune for their efforts in developing the Lightning Class Boat Grant Program.  Jeff Linton was named US Sailing Rolex Yachtsman of the Year.  This is a very special year for the Lightning Class, we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Lightning.  We look forward to the Anniversary Regatta over the 4th of July in Skaneateles.  This year our Finland District is celebrating its 60th year of Lightning sailing.

The District Quest may go unfulfilled as time is running out in President Davis’ term of Office.  He has hopes to attend the European Championships in Switzerland, but may not be able to get there.

Two new trophies will be awarded at this Winter Championship.  Collin Park Memorial Winter Lightning
Championship Trophy will be awarded to the highest finishing married couple.  The George Fisher Sportsmanship Award will be awarded Saturday evening.  Ballots have been accepted during this Southern Circuit for the competitor showing outstanding sportsmanship.

Treasurer Robert Ruhlman
Treasurer Robert Ruhlman reviewed the financial statement for the year 2007 as well as the budget for 2008.  He reminds everyone that it is the member dues that support the Class and how essential they are to the health of the organization. 

Chief Measurer Bill Clausen
Chief Measurer Bill Clausen reported that he had measured over 200 Lightnings in 2007.  We need to make sure that all our boats weigh 700lbs.

Secretary Brian Hayes Sr
Secretary Hayes reported that Fleet 440 has been reactivated.  The following is the status of our membership as of March 13, 2008.  Active Members 438, Associate Members 52, Crew Members 263, Active Fleets 146, Paid Fleets 46.

Vice Presidents’ and Committee Reports

Todd Johnson VP North American Championships reported that plans are well underway for the NAs in Newport, Rhode Island.  He announced that the Executive Committee has accepted the bid from Sodus Bay as the location for the 2009 North American Championship.  Jed Dodge stood and reported that the club is really excited to have the Lightning Class come to their club.  It will be an open water venue, sailing will take place on Lake Ontario.  They have a 1 X 5 mile bay, and a 30 minute sail to the race course.  Cottages will be for rent nearby, also B & B’s.  The WJMs will take place in this same location.

Valerie Tardiff-Holly reported the Youth World Championships will be held July 14-18 in Montreal, Canada.  The boats will be supplied.  They are still looking for a couple more.  Contact Valerie if you have a boat available.

James Taylor VP 70th Anniversary Regatta Skaneateles has a big 4th of July parade, please feel free to come and attend the festivities.  Friday will be filled with Lightning Labs.  There will be three fleets of boats racing, Blue, Club, and Vintage/Wooden.  We hope to have over 200 boats.

Amy Smith Linton VP Southern Circuit asked skippers to please fill out the e-mail survey you will receive after the event, with your comments and suggestions.  She asked if anyone would be interested in working with her and co-chairing the Circuit next year.

Bill Fastiggi VP Boat Grant Program thanked everyone who helped with the program last year and those that have so generously donated cash, boats, and equipment.  This year they are still looking for sails.

Steve Davis spoke on behalf of Todd Wake VP Lightning Labs/Fleet Development and asked those present to contact Todd if their fleet would be interested in hosting a Lightning Lab.

Bill Fastiggi Organizing Committee for the 2009 World Championship in Vermont reported that  the website is built for the event.  Please register early if you plan to attend. Housing will be handed out y order of registration along with other benefits.  The 2011 World Championship will be held in South America.

Julian Calvin VP Nigeria reported that their fleet has purchased 18 new boats in the past two years.  The fleet is not at more than 50 Lightnings.  They hope to host a European/African Championship sometime in the next couple of years.

Hendrick Ten Eyck advised those present that for the 70th there will be a large camping area available on the lake waterfront.  They do not have RV hookups available

Secretary Brian Hayes announced that the Governing Board ratified the Executive Committee ruling that the North American qualification ratio will be 8 X 1.

No new business items were presented and a motion for adjournment was made by Mike Elmergreen and seconded by Star Michael and the meeting was adjourned at 6:49pm.