Minutes of the 2008 Winter Governing Board Meeting
March 13, 2008 – St. Petersburg Yacht Club

Call to Order
The Governing Board Meeting was called to order by President Steve Davis at 3:16pm in the Quarterdeck Room of the St. Petersburg YC.  Roll Call by Secretary Brian Hayes

In Attendance: President Steve Davis, Chief Measurer Bill Clausen, Treasurer Robert Ruhlman, Secretary Brian Hayes Sr, 5th Exec Member John Faus.
Vice Presidents:  Todd Johnson, James Taylor, Todd Wake, Allan Terhune, Bill Fastiggi, Amy Smith Linton, Valerie Tardif-Holly

Reading of the Minutes from the Last Meeting Motion by Amy Smith Linton to dispense with the reading of minutes, seconded by Bill Clausen and unanimously approved.

Reports of Officers

President’s Report – Steve Davis
President Davis reported that the Class Office is running well at this time, a new website is under construction because the software Frontpage is no longer supported by Microsoft and is incompatible with the Vista operating system being used by the Class Office. 

He noted that the ILCA has been the recipient of many awards this past year and has had great visibility in sailing publications.  The US Sailing St Petersburg Race Management Award was presented to the St Petersburg Yacht Club for the first time in its history for the management of last year’s Lightning Winter Championship.  US Sailing awarded its One Design Leadership Award to Bill Fastiggi and Allan Terhune for their efforts in developing the Lightning Class Boat Grant Program.  Jeff Linton was named US Sailing Rolex Yachtsman of the Year.  Articles on the Lightning Class have appeared in Sailing World, most recently on family sailing, and we have had good coverage by Scuttlebutt on this event and others throughout the year. 

This is a very special year for the Lightning Class, we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Lightning.  We look forward to the Anniversary Regatta over the 4th of July in Skaneateles.  This year our Finland District is celebrating its 60th year of Lightning sailing.

The District Quest may go unfulfilled as time is running out in President Davis’ term of Office.  He has plans to attend the Texas Districts, and would like to make a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  He had hoped to attend the European Championships in Switzerland but may not be able to get there.

Two new trophies will be awarded at this Winter Championship.  Collin Park Memorial Winter Lightning
Championship Trophy will be awarded to the highest finishing married couple.  The George Fisher Sportsmanship Award will be awarded Saturday evening.  Ballots have been accepted during this Southern Circuit for the competitor showing outstanding sportsmanship.

This year’s banquet will be an evening of celebration of the contributions of George Fisher to the Lightning Class.

President Davis asked for a moment of silence in recognition of the many Lightning sailors whom have passed away this year: North American Champions, Colin Park, Bruce Goldsmith, Hank Cawthra as well as members Doc Gorman, Dick Brewer, Rick Stevens and Harold Pote.

Treasurer’s Report – Robert Ruhlman
Treasurer Robert Ruhlman reviewed the financial statement for the year 2007 as well as the budget for 2008.  He reminds everyone that it is the member dues that support the Class and how essential they are to the health of the organization.  Bill Fastiggi suggested that the Class Secretary salary is not at a current market rate and we need to move it toward market in the future.  Rob responded that he will have his corporate HR people give him guidance as to an appropriate salary for the Class Secretary and he will make a proposal at the next meeting in August.

Chief Measurer’s Report – Bill Clausen
Chief Measurer Clausen reported that he has found older boats that have removed lead for fleet racing and then come to an event where they get weighed and they add it back.  This is unfair and he is concerned about unfair racing at the fleet level.

Chief Measurer Clausen reports that the Nickels Boat Works and Allen Boat Company molds and spars have both been recertified this year.  Thank you to David Sprague for this effort.

Over the winter an alternate, lower cost, GPS enabled compass was brought to his attention.  After much research he found it to be in violation of our rules.  The Class would welcome a less costly alternative to the Tic Tack that was not a GPS.

Allan Terhune raised the question of whether the Class should keep track when a boat that has been faired.  Perhaps we should develop a form that must be submitted to the Class Office when bottom work has been done to a boat.  The Chief Measurer and Assistant Measurers will make a proposal to be reviewed at the next meeting in August.

Secretary’s Report – Brian Hayes Sr
Secretary Hayes reported that Fleet 440 has been reactivated.  The following is the status of our membership as of March 13, 2008.  Active Members 438, Associate Members 52, Crew Members 263, Active Fleets 146, Paid Fleets 46.

Vice President Reports

Todd Johnson – VP North American Championship This year’s North American Championship will be co-hosted by New York Yacht Club, Ida Lewis Yacht Club and Sail Newport.  Wendy Lotz will be key in the organization.

The ILCA has received and accepted a bid for the 2009 NAs from Sodus Bay.  Todd is working to obtain proposals for future NAs from other areas of the country.  Timing of the event may need to change in the future.

Valerie Tardiff-Holly reported on behalf of Jamie Allen on the Youth World Championship.  The planning is coming along well.  They have organized the event so as to minimize cost to participants and maximize the fun and learning.

James Taylor – VP 70th Anniversary Regatta
The planning for the event is going great.  We will be welcomed into the Club facilities for this event.  No weddings will be held over this weekend.  Friday will be filled with Lightning Labs, he and Brian Hayes are looking for volunteers that would like to offer a session.  There will be three fleets of boats racing, Blue, Club, and Vintage/Wooden.  We hope to have over 200 boats.  Allan Terhune suggested that we look into raffling a boat, and offered to help with such an undertaking.  The idea of a discounted membership/amnesty program was discussed.

VP Southern Circuit – Amy Smith Linton
Amy has enjoyed working on the Southern Circuit these past 3 years but would like to bring in a co-chair for next year that could be trained to assume this position thereafter.  Anyone interested should contact Amy or Jan.  Allan Terhune suggested standardizing the SI’s at each of the venues, Amy responded that might be difficult but she will try.

VP Boat Grant Program – Bill Fastiggi
Bill reported that we received 19 applicants this year.  The Boat Grant Program was originally conceived of as a marketing program for the Class.  It has been a success.  We also hoped to expose the boat to younger sailors and change its perception amongst the college age group.  This also has been successful.  As an illustration Bobby Martin has spoken highly of his experience and we received two applications this year from friends of his.  Bobby is going to purchase a boat this summer.  Bob King will  buy a boat.  From a financial point of view, we wanted to purchase two boats.  Last year two more boats were donated, this exceeded all expectations.  Assets have been donated.  People, not even Class members, who read about the program in Scuttlebutt donated a boat.  Boat builders have very generously donated the use of brand new boats.  Mentors have been very generous with their time, Bill thanked them.  Estimated cost for running the program this year is $11,000. Bill also expressed thanks to all those who made individual donations to the program.

The international aspect of the program needs some additional volunteers.

With regard to the 2009 World Championship in Vermont, planning is underway.  Bill hopes that they will be able to use the 3 developmental slots.  The website has been built, is not “live” yet.

VP Lightning Labs – Fleet Development – Todd Wake
This year we have a new fleet in Conception, Chile.  Four boats from the US were shipped, Todd thanked all who assisted in gathering up and packing the boats.  Todd has had lots of fleets approaching him to schedule Lightning Labs.  He is searching for someone available to go to Texas over Mothers Day weekend.  Anyone interested please contact him.

Revocations of Charters or Fleets

Executive Committee Rulings

North American Qualification Ratio
At the request of the North American Championships Organizing Committee, the Executive Committee has approved a ratio of 1:8.

Motion to accept the Executive Committee Ruling was unanimously approved.

Unfinished Business

No new business items were presented and a motion for adjournment was made by Todd Wake.  This was seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 4:46