ILCA Southern Circuit
Visioning Committee
Governing Board Presentation
March 15, 2012

Committee History

  • 7/2011 President Ruhlman requests committee be formed to review Southern Circuit to increase its perceived value and subsequent participation.
  • 8/2011 Committee has first meeting in Toledo
  • Committee: Bill Faude, Jody Starck, Ryan Ruhlman, Mark Schneider, Bill Cabrall,
  • Ex-Officio Members: Southern Circuit Chairpeople and ILCA HQ Goddess.

Efforts to Date

  • Development/fielding/analysis of survey of ILCA membership. (700+ Surveys issued, 210 completed)
  • Interviews with each current host club
  • Interviews with representative of other potential host clubs: (Pensacola, Florida Yacht Club, Charleston)
  • Additional interviews with ILCA members searching for additional input.
  • Committee conference calls to achieve consensus.

Criteria For Success

  • More “boat starts” in upcoming Southern Circuit regattas.
  • Improved understanding of how ILCA members view the attractiveness of the ‘Circuit. (Their value assessment)
  • Improved understanding of the relationship between our Class and the current host clubs.
  • Understanding of the potential results of any proposed changes
  • Contribution to the membership’s general impression that the class is being run in a transparent manner.
  • Do no harm.
  • Earn the opportunity to ‘stand down’
  • Enjoy the ride

Survey Result Summary

  • >50% of responses were from sailors who have sailed in the circuit in the last 10 years
  • Favorite Current Venue:
    • St. Pete 27.8%
    • Miami 19.9%
    • Savannah 11.9%
  • How many venues to make a circuit:
    • 17.4% said the Circuit Should always be 3 or more venues.
    • 35.8% said the Circuit could be 2 venues.
    • 6.4% said the Circuit could be 1 venue.
  • If the circuit continues unchanged:
    • 41.2% (12.9%+28.3%) are more likely to increase participation
    • 1.4% are likely to decrease participation
  • If the circuit format is adjusted:
    • 54.1% (28.8%+25.3%)are more likely to increase participation
    • 1.4% are likely to decrease participation
  • The Southern Circuit should always be held in the same venues as we do today: 4.4%
  • The Southern Circuit could be held in some different venues, as long as some dependable pattern was established: 26.3%
  • The Southern Circuit could be held in different places as long as we rotated back to some of the current venues periodically: 19.4%
  • The Southern Circuit could be held in different venues every year with out any pattern: 7.9%

Statistical Analysissurvey stats

Survey Value Equation*

  • Time spent away from home/work 59%
  • Expense 58%
  • Affinity for specific location 36%
  • Number of races sailed 33%

*= % of respondents considered this of more than average importance to their participation decision.

Conclusions from the Survey

  • Adjusting the current format will result in more participation and defend against defection.
  • Two venues would be most preferred.
  • Possibly equates to less expense
  • A schedule adjustment is also warranted.
  • Possibly equates to more racing/day/$

Relationships with current host clubs

  • Relationships with all current clubs is very strong.
  • All are willing to continue hosting us with no changes to the current relationship.
  • All are willing to host us and consider revising the current schedule:
    • Every other year
    • Different dates
    • Have us there longer and have a banquet in the club.

Committee Recommendations

  • Implement revised schedule for 2013
  • Reduce duration to 9 days from current 11. (5 business days, 2 weekends)
  • Revise current format, moving to two venues:
    • Venue A: (Sunday, Monday)
    • Venue B: (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat + Banquet)
  • Continue to attend all current venues within the first two years.
  • Institute a dependable rotation.
  • Begin to include Pensacola YC as a new venue in 2015.
  • Continue to identify other potential venues
  • Schedule a 2 venue circuit that includes at least one of the current 3 venues for the foreseeable future.

Complete Survey Results - with all unedited text comments.

Note* The Executive Committee has decided that no changes will be made for 2013. The Executive Committee is gathering further comments upon the publishing of these findings. Please share any additional comments with your District Commodore or any member of the Executive Committee. If any changes are going to be permanently proposed, they would like to address this issue at the August 2012 meetings.

Thank you very much to the membership for participating in this survey!