2016/2017 ILCA Governing Board
Proposed Slate
As presented by Nominating Committee: Debbie Probst, John Faus, Rob Ruhlman
Office Nomination District
President Mr. Victor Lobos Chile
Chief Measurer Mr. William Cabrall US@Large
Secretary Mr. Todd Wake Midwest
Treasurer Mr. Hugh Hutchison Central Atlantic
Executive/Committee Member To be voted on by GB (After Sept 1st)
VP Assistant Measurer--Emeritus Mr. William Clausen Central Atlantic
VP Assistant Measurer Mr. Nelson Schmitt Brazil
VP Assistant Measurer Mr. Glenn Reitinger Central Atlantic
VP Assistant Measurer Mr. Joe Buczkowski Jr. Dixie
VP Assistant Measurer Mr. Ryan Ruhlman Ohio
VP Assistant Measurer Mr. Jack Mueller Ohio
VP Classic Boats Mr. Robert Astrove Dixie
VP ISAF Liason Mr.David Sprague Lake Erie
VP NA Championships Mr. Joshua Goldman CT/RI
VP Rules & Regulations Mr. Darryl Waskow Central Atlantic
VP Advisory Committee Mrs. Debbie Probst Lake Erie
VP Marketing/Promotion Mr. Matthew Fisher Ohio
VP Special Projects Mr. Julian Calvin Nigeria
VP- International Logistics Mr. Mark Schneider Central Atlantic
VP - International Promotion Mr. Ian F. Edwards Australia
VP - Technical Mr. Thomas Allen IV Lake Erie
VP Special Projects Vacant
VP Special Projects Dr. Clarke D. Newman Texas
VP- Lightning Labs Mrs. Joan Hurban  Dixie
VP- Lightning Labs Mr. Gary Hurban Dixie
VP Special Projects- (Southern Circuit) Mr. William Mauk  Florida
VP Special Projects- (Southern Circuit) Mr. David Starck Lake Erie
VP Special Projects- (European Coordinator)  Mr. Lauri Hemming Finland
VP Special Projects- (ACCs and 80th Anniversary) Mr. Brian Hayes Sr. CT/RI
VP Special Projects- (Boat Grant) Mr. Alfred Hopkin Central Atlantic
VP Special Projects (Boat Grant) Mr. Matthew Schon Southeastern
VP Special Projects Mr. Steven H. Davis US@Large
VP Special Projects (Legacy Program) Mr. William Fastiggi New England
VP World Championship Regattas Mr. Robert Ruhlman Ohio
VP Youth World Championship Mr. Ian Jones Lake Erie
VP PanAm Liason Mr. William Mauk Florida
VP Argentina Mr. Alejandro Cloos Argentina
VP Brazil Mr. Thomas Sumner Brazil
VP Canada Mr. Richard M Walsh Central Canada
VP Canada Mrs. Valerie Holly-Tardiff St Lawrence Valley
VP Chile Mr. Cristobal Perez Chile
VP Colombia Mr. Gustavo Tomayo Colombia
VP Ecuador Mr. Justus Klemperer Ecuador
VP Finland Mr. Kimmo Aromaa  Finland
VP Greece Mr. George Andreadis Greece
VP Italy Vacant Italy
VP Switzerland Mr. Urs Wyler Switzerland

The Governing Board - shall consist of all Executive Officers and District Commodores, or in the absence of any District Commodore his or her duly authorized delegate of his or her respective District of the Association. The President shall be Chairman of the Governing Board. 

District Commodores shall be elected by vote of the Fleet members in each District.

All officers must be currrent Active/Skipper Members.