2017 World Championship
US Invitations

The 2016 North American Championship served as the US Qualifier for the 2017 World Championship. Based upon the finishing positions the following invitations have been sent.

  Todd Wake Declined 
1 Ched Proctor Yes
2 Justin Coplan  Yes
3 Mark Sertl  Yes
4 Nicholas Sertl  Yes
  Greg Fisher  Declined
  Jim Barnash  Declined
  William Faude Declined
5 Josh Goldman  Yes
6 Billy Martin  Yes
  Connor Godfrey  Declined
7 Marvin Beckmann  Yes
8 Thomas Allen Yes
9 Tim Scanlon  Yes
  Steven Davis  Declined Invite for Worlds, Sailing Intl Masters
  Chad Atkins  Declined
  Jody Starck  Declined - April 21
  William Fastiggi  Declined
  Brian Hayes  Declined
  Jonathan Lutz  Declined
  Allan Terhune, Jr.  Back on Wait List
  Robert King  Declined
10 Jeff Coppens  Yes
11 Richard Hallagan  Yes
  Steve Hayden  Declined
12 Bill Mauk Yes
13 Ryan Ruhlman  Yes
  John Newell Declined
  Michael Zonnenberg Declined
  Debbie Probst Declined
  Kevin Robinson  Declined
  Mitchell Hall  Declined
  AJ Murphy Declined
  Travis Odenbach Declined
  Steve Constants Declined
  Don Brush Declined
  Jeanne Herman Declined
  Ed Roseberry Jr Declined
  Robert Wardwell Declined
14 Bill Killebrew Yes
  Timothy Wright Declined
15 Ben Folds Yes
16 Gary Hurban Yes
  Rebecca Hofmeister Declined
  Doug Wake Declined
  Skylar Munger Declined
  Stu Nickerson Declined
  Daniel Lawless Declined
  Gerry Paoli Declined
  Michael Trebilcock Declined
  Philip Lange Declined
17 Carter Cameron Yes
  Ed Seyerlein Declined
  William Hofmeister Declined
  Hugh Hutchison Declined - Interest in only Intl Masters
  Caroline Patten Declined
  Clarke Newman Declined
  Scott Finkboner Declined
18 Maegan Ruhlman Yes
  Leland Atkinson Declined
19 John Tomczak Interested
  William Cabrall  Declined
  John Van Voorhis Declined
20 David Spira Yes

Please be advised, we are projecting shipment costs of $2000, round trip. Once we have all deposits we can confirm shipping details. We are currently anticipating all but one of the containers being packed in Riverton, NJ the weekend following the 2017 North American Championship on September 30th/Oct 1st (revised date as of 2/27). The other container (maybe 2) will likely ship from Houston, TX around that same time.

Regarding confirmation and deposits we have established the following schedule:

$500 due January 31st - First deposit and attendance confirmation from initial invites. 
$500 due March 15th 
$1,000 due by August 1st. 

These deposits are refundable only in the event that your slot is filled should you withdraw at a later date.

While there may be as many as 8 boats available for charter, priority for those will go to European and South American competitors and developmental slots.

To confirm your slot, please send a $500 deposit check payable to the ILCA to the Class Office:

1528 Big Bass Drive
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Failure to reply by January 31st or the date stated in your invitation will result in a forfeit of your slot. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rob Ruhlman, VP Worlds or Laura in the Class Office.